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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Is the Live Wait Times app free?

Yes. The Live Wait Times app will always be free to use.

When will the iPhone and Android apps be ready?

Soon. We are finishing the final code & plan on being in both app stores in August 2020.

I am looking for wait times that aren't in the app. Can I suggest a category or location?

Absolutely. We're always trying to improve the Live Wait Times app. Please contact us with your suggestions.

Where do you get the live wait times from?

We get live wait times for thousands of locations using multiple sources including websites, apps, publicly displayed info, & direct feeds from our partner locations.

I own a business. How can we get our wait times in the app?

We're always looking to add new locations to the Live Wait Times app. Please contact us to get started.

Does it cost money to have our location(s) in the app?

No. In addition to the app being free for users it is also free for businesses to have their locations in the app. We do have paid partnerships and advertising opportunities available. Contact us to discuss your options.

I have an app or website. Can I use the wait times from Live Wait Times?

Soon. We are working on an API that makes our live wait time data available to other parties. To discuss your specific needs, contact us.

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